30 May 2020

“A Song of Home” by Ryana Lynn Miller

About the Series:

The Battle for Heritage Series (BHS) is an in-progress five book series on the War Between the States. Each book follows one year of the war, focusing on the Southern perspective. Unlike most books on this period, BHS does not focus on slavery but rather the reason the war was fought: the issue of states’ rights and the right of the people to restore the rightful government as designed by our forefathers. But even though this is important, this is not the main goal of BHS.

Every book includes a clear Gospel presentation, as well as other biblical topics designed to strengthen the believer and disciple the new convert. If you take nothing else from these stories, please take the lessons from Scripture to heart. If not, the goal is missed.

The series follows the Mason family, Silas and Ellen, and their children, Richard, Seth, Dixie, Michael, Thomas, and Virginia Rose, through the years 1861-1865. Having family on both sides allows the reader to discover viewpoints of both sides, though the story is focused on the South’s point of view. Having friends in the North and South, Ryana Lynn endeavors to keep things kind, while realistic and giving the facts.

BHS has reached people in a multitude of states, her best readerships being located in North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. It is her prayer that someday, someone will come to know Christ through her writings. Her life verse, Jude 22, sums up her writing mission: “And of some, have compassion, making a difference.” 

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A Song of Home
(The Battle for Heritage Series, #4)
 by Ryana Lynn Miller

In war time, everyone is called to fulfill their patriotic duty. But everyone's duty is not the same. For some, it's to soldier on the field of battle. For others, it is to stay back and defend the home front. Still others keep the soldiers clothed and cared for.
“We’re gonna finish this,” Seth murmured. “We’re gonna finish this fight once and for all. They can’t just come in and threaten a man’s family and livelihood just because they feel like it.”
“It’s a hard lesson to teach,” Silas interjected. “The Patriots were outmanned and outgunned, but they taught the redcoats right well. God’s will is most important, and God is the best Teacher. Sometimes He does it Himself, and other times He uses men to teach the lesson.”
Join the Mason family as another year of war dawns with no end in sight. Despair, hatred and death surround them...will they ever know a time of hope, love and peace again? 
Bring your family along on another history packed journey full of battle, music, victory and defeat. The war ain't over ‘til the sabers quit clashing!

About the Author:
Ryana Lynn Miller has a unique way of blending her love for history with her love for the Savior. Her continued research is fueled by her desire for truth and details. Her main concern, both historically and Biblically, is to show the past to the present to secure the future.

My Review:
⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎
3 stars & 3/10 hearts. Not gonna lie, I was really scared to start this book! Book 3 really tore my heart and got me very emotional, and I was afraid book 4 would as well. I was grateful to find that it didn’t (…maybe ‘cause I forgot who everybody was…). Some statements that characters make, & the attitude towards certain people, & some of the songs bothered me (I skipped most of the songs on purpose), and I feel like neither side is portrayed in a wholly fair or accurate way. But towards the end the book really made me think. The episode of the Davises’ adopted son really made me rethink some statements by Jefferson Davis that I’ve read. I also got a clearer idea of what the South was fighting for here, and though I still disagree with them—no one has been able to satisfactorily explain to me which side was in the right and which was in the wrong, but from what I’ve read and heard, I believe the North was morally in the right—but I can now honour them for the sacrifices they did for what they thought was right. It was very nice to meet old friends, and see them continue to grow and change (Constance Angelica has a new fan over here!!). I’m both eager for and dreading book 5… ;) 

A Favourite Quote: “‘It’s fellows like Spencer who can keep us going. Finding the everyday things in life to smile about even when the world is caving in around you.’” 

A Favourite Humorous Quote: “‘Me and some others spotted the Union sailors and sounded the alarm. (You know, spring the rattle, ring the bell, yell at each other, light bonfires and, if you’re like me, pray to live to tell the tale because your friend is half asleep and tottering around with a flaming torch near the powder! Not very comforting!) We had a log boom in front of the Albemarle for protection. Cushing and his men turned around. We thought they were retreating, so we let loose a wild Rebel Yell. 

“’Our joy was short lived though. Alas, they spun around and charged the boom at full speed. They got stuck on it and found themselves staring into the mouth of a cannon. Next thing I knew, there were two ear busting explosions. I jest not, I couldn’t hear for half an hour! War is not a healthy business. 

“’The fellows told me later that the Confederates ordered the yankees to surrender. Instead, they abandoned ship. With the Albemarle sinking fast (my torch toting friend pulled me to safety,) small boats were sent out…’”

*I received an ARC of this book from the author in return of my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my own opinions.*

(Note: A Song of Home is set to press during this tour. Books can be ordered and they will be shipped as soon as they arrive. Those who order will have the option to receive an e-copy when their payment is received for their print copy.)

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28 May 2020

“Jayne's Endeavour” by Lauren Compton

A 19th century tale of mystery and intrigue set in colonial Australia. 
When puzzling strangers appear and odd things start to happen, eighteen-year-old Jayne Reid and her two younger sisters must find a solution—or lose everything. Journey with Jayne as she struggles to change fear into boldness and boldness into a trusting relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction.
Age Group: YA Adult (12-18).
Page Count: 276 pages.
Release Date: 1st of June, 2020.

Author Bio: 
Lauren Compton lives in Australia on a sheep farm—surrounded by mountains and plenty of Aussie wildlife! From a young age she has loved books and writing-related things (yep, that includes spending ages in the writing supplies department!). Now she has embarked on a mission to write books that both entertain AND encourage. Her desire is to weave stories that point readers to her Heavenly Father while at the same time being a whole lot of fun! 

About the Series:
The JOY Series follows three sisters on a quest to keep their parents’ legacy and dreams alive. Loaded with 19th century Australian adventure, it’s a series full of intrigue, adventure, and faith for ages 12 and up!

Jayne's Endeavour
(The JOY Series, Book 1)
 by Lauren Compton

Mysterious strangers, a Scripture verse, and a threat. 
“Reids never give up.” The words once held so much truth. But at eighteen, Jayne Reid is beginning to wonder if she can live up to that standard.
When puzzling strangers appear and odd things start to happen, Jayne and her two younger sisters must find a solution—or lose everything.
What mystery lurks in the shadows of the Australian bush? Who is the man in town who thinks he can buy and bully anyone he wishes? And is it all somehow connected with their new farmhand?
Journey with Jayne as she struggles to change fear into boldness and boldness into a trusting relationship with her Heavenly Father. What adventure lies ahead?

My Review:
⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
5 stars & 5/10 heartsThe first time I heard of this book, it was unfinished. But I immediately wanted to read it. (Australia?? Sign me up. And also, just LOOK at that gorgeous cover!!!). I was so excited to get an ARC of this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, besides that it would be squeaky clean. I was delighted! This book was indeed perfectly and refreshingly clean. I loved the message, all about trusting God and finding joy—it’s one I relate to a lot. I loved the girls’ names, too, and what they meant—such a lovely pattern!! The sisters were all amazing, and I really loved Aiden & Imogen too (can’t wait to hear their story!). The mystery/excitement was well done, but not spooky, and I appreciate that. This book was very well written, especially for a historical fiction, and it is very Australian. I highly recommend it and I am so eager to get my hands on Book 2!! 

A Favourite Quote: “‘Please God, give me strength.’ A response echoed in her heart. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Delight in the Lord, for God is always gracious.
A Favourite Beautiful Quote: “Yvonne started humming. The sound filled the small house with its sweetness, chasing away some of the gloom that lurked in the corners of the home and hearts of the girls[.]”
A Favourite Humorous Quote: “The next house was Mrs Sterling’s. As she wondered if she could just leave the items by the front door without knocking, her shoulders slumped. There was one undeniable problem with that option. If she didn’t knock, she wouldn’t be able to collect the money they’d worked so hard to earn. A bird flitted past her head, singing. She glared at it. What was there to sing about?

*I received an ARC of this book from the author in return of my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my own opinions.*

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Be sure to go check out this book! It is so good! I enjoyed it so much. :) Congratulations, Lauren!

26 May 2020

“The Cornet of Horse” by G.A. Henty

The Cornet of Horse:
A Tale of Marlborough's Wars
by G.A. Henty

We travel back in time to the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century. Here we meet one of the finest military and political leaders of Britain, John Churchill, who became the Lord of Marlborough. With his outstanding wit and foresightedness he leads his armies to several bloody victories against his enemies. He was admired by his soldiers because he took care of them, and could in return depend on his military forces.His life was very fascinating with many ups and few downs; from the highest position - down to incarceration for five weeks to the tower of London for high treason, almost losing his head! Rupert Holliday, the person we follow very close in this book, meets Marlborough as a young man and accompanies him to the battles on the continent. He almost dies in prison, escapes and rises in rang fast. As one of the best fencer of the time he has to fight several dangerous enemies. This story gives you a close inside into the politics, strategies and betrayals of the time. Rupert and his friend Hugh have to survive many dangers and adventures to get finally back home and live in peace.This book was published so this essential part of history would not be forgotten and our heroes will be honored and remembered.
(from Amazon)

My Review:
⭐⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. Rupert Holliday is one of my favourite Henty heroes. ;) The fencing is thrilling, and Rupert & his friends are often very humorous. When you reach the chapter titled “Blenheim”, I strongly recommend reading the poem “The Battle of Blenheim” by Robert Southey. In my case I have two quotes commenting upon the poem as well. It certainly makes you think. Typically Henty, there are ubdetailed/passing mentions of drinking, gambling, smoking, & swearing, and unclothed public swimming. Also a somewhat detailed mention of torture. But this is definitely one of my favourite Henty books! 

A Favourite Quote: “And yet, notwithstanding their great superiority of numbers, the enemy did not venture to attack, and for a fortnight the armies remained facing each other, without a blow being struck on either side. The French were, in fact, paralyzed by the jealousy of the two great generals commanding them , each of whom opposed the other's proposals[.]”
A Favourite Humourous Quote: “‘Quick, quick!’ she exclaimed, ‘Monsieur Rupert is fighting with a wicked young man!’
“‘Then,’ said Monsieur Dessin grimly, ‘it will be very bad for the wicked young man, whoever he is.’”

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Canada | America 

23 May 2020

“Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women is one of the best loved books of all time. Lovely Meg, talented Jo, frail Beth, spoiled Amy: these are hard lessons of poverty and of growing up in New England during the Civil War. Through their dreams, plays, pranks, letters, illnesses, and courtships, women of all ages have become a part of this remarkable family and have felt the deep sadness when Meg leaves the circle of sisters to be married at the end of Part I. Part II, chronicles Meg's joys and mishaps as a young wife and mother, Jo's struggle to become a writer, Beth's tragedy, and Amy's artistic pursuits and unexpected romance. Based on Louise May Alcott's childhood, this lively portrait of nineteenth-century family life possesses a lasting vitality that has endeared it to generations of readers.

My Review:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
5+ stars & 10/10 hearts. This is my second-favourite novel and my fourth favourite book in the whole world. I have known it all my life, read it scores of times, copied it time and again, and each time I have loved it more. I still cry over certain scenes. I still snicker over others. I still appreciate the wisdom and beauty that fill its pages. I still admire the genius of the author. This book is full of real characters, real scenes, and real help. There are so many little nuggets of truth in here. I relate to each girl in some way and I still need to be reminded of the lessons they learn. I do not agree with everything, but I do agree with most of it. I firmly believe that this book should be read and reread by every little woman, and if you haven’t yet—go download it and read it.

A Favourite Quote: “‘I can't help wishing sometimes, that father and mother hadn't been so particular about such things.’
“Ah, Jo, instead of wishing that, thank God that ‘father and mother were particular,’ and pity from your heart those who have no such guardians to hedge them round with principles which may seem like prison-walls to impatient youth, but which will prove sure foundations to build character upon in womanhood.”

A Favourite Beautiful Quote: “As she lifted the curtain to look out into the dreary night, the moon broke suddenly from behind the clouds, and shone upon her like a bright, benignant face, which seemed to whisper in the silence, ‘Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.’”
A Favourite Humorous Quote: “Mr. Pickwick, Sir:—I address you upon the subject of sin the sinner I mean is a man named Winkle who makes trouble in his club by laughing and sometimes won't write his piece in this fine paper I hope you will pardon his badness and let him send a French fable because he can't write out of his head as he has so many lessons to do and no brains in future I will try to take time by the fetlock and prepare some work which will be all commy la fo that means all right I am in haste as it is nearly school time. Yours respectably, N. Winkle.
“[The above is a manly and handsome acknowledgment of past misdemeanors. If our young friend studied punctuation, it would be well.]”

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21 May 2020

“The Case of the Cereal Robber” by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

The Case of the Cereal Robber

 (The Kitten Files Book 3) 

by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

Meowing is obsolete. This cat can write... and solve mysteries!
When Keith is called upon to catch a pair of serial robbers breaking into nearby houses, he's utterly stumped. Why would anyone break into houses, but not steal anything? Why would they eat a bowl of cereal while they're at it? With Keith and the police just a text-message away, Mia decides to put her fantastic sneaking skills to use by staking out the neighborhood.
But there's more to the crime than simple breaking-and-entering, and catching the serial cereal robbers might cost Mia everything...

My Review:
4 stars & 4/10 hearts. Mia’s stories just get better and better. This one was pretty funny, but it seemed shorter than the others, which was not okay! ;P The whole scientist thing is giving a twist I wasn’t expecting to the stories. I really the fourth book now. :D

A Favourite Humorous Quote: “I walked across his papers until I got to the one he was currently reading. I sat down in the middle of it so I could read it too.
“‘There you are!’ Keith said, leaning forward to continue reading around me. After a moment, he said, ‘Right paw?’
“I moved it down a couple inches.
“A few seconds later, ‘Left paw?’
“I sighed and moved it too.
“After another moment he poked me and said, ‘The whole cat, please?’
“I glared at him.”

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19 May 2020

“By the Shores of Silver Lake” by Laura Ingalls Wilder

By the Shores of Silver Lake
(Little House Series, #5)
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The adventures of Laura Ingalls and her family continue as they move from their little house on the banks of Plum Creek to the wilderness of the unsettled Dakota Territory. Here Pa works on the new railroad until he finds a homestead claim that is perfect for their new little house. Laura takes her first train ride as she, her sisters, and their mother come out to live with Pa on the shores of Silver Lake. After a lonely winter in the surveyors' house, Pa puts up the first building in what will soon be a brand-new town on the beautiful shores of Silver Lake. The Ingallses' covered-wagon travels are finally over.

My Review:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. This book. I particularly love this one because of the pioneer feeling. I also love the descriptions of the lake!! I still like Big Jerry ;) and I love the descriptions of the house, and train, and just the old-time feeling... <33 There’s a few mild words (darned, gosh, golly) & a mention of drinking. I love how the ideas and feelings of the time are woven in...

A Favourite Quote: “‘We’d never get anything fixed to suit us, if we waited for things to suit us before we started.’”
A Favourite Beautiful Quote: “The lake lay at their left shimmering in the sunshine. Little silvery waves rose and fell and lapped upon the shore as the wind ruffled the blue water.”

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16 May 2020

“Upper Fourth at Malory Towers” by Enid Blyton

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
(Malory Towers Book 4)
by Enid Blyton

For 'starters,' there's twin trouble with Connie and Ruth. The 'main' pain is Gwen. To 'finish,' there's a picnic and a midnight feast in a thunderstorm.

My Review:
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. The girls are growing up... and I’m enjoying watching them. I relate to Darrell in many ways, and I appreciate how she has to learn to handle people in this book. Of course, it’s humorous and delightful, as always. There are a few euphemisms; but other than that, this is a great book series.

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14 May 2020

“Davie's Witness” by Isabella Alden

Davie's Witness
by Isabella Alden

It’s the Fourth of July and young Davie Carson wants to attend all the celebrations. He also plans to apply for a coveted job opening at the local book store. But no sooner does Davie arrive in town, than his plans begin to go terribly wrong; and Davie begins to wonder if he has missed the greatest opportunity of his young life.

My Review:
⭐⭐⭐ & ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
3.5 stars & 4/10 hearts. Oh, I loved Davie! He was a real hero. ^_^ I love sweet stories like this discussing strength under temptation!

A Favourite Quote: “‘No, it can’t be done,’ he said at last, speaking aloud and firmly. ‘Davie Carson, I am ashamed of you! A package of medicine in your pocket that the doctor said an old lady was anxiously waiting for, and you thinking about stopping on an errand of your own. Just march down to Coleman Street as fast as your feet can carry you!’”